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Agile methodology that Comangsoft follows to your project execution:

1. Requirement Analysis:- Our requirement includes gathering initial information for website creation. Our team discuss about the client’s business goals, their target audience and the purpose of the website to be made.

2. Project discussion:- Our project team discuss the assigned task with our client and do some extensive research based on their requirement before undertaking.

3. Design:- Our design team may provide client with their respective design if they have any or can suggest or create one or two prototype. In this phase B2C communication is vital so that the objective can be smoothly accomplished.

4. Development:- Web designers develop a demo project for the client that can match their parameters.If approved, the designer will take individual graphic element to create the actual site.

5. Testing:- The project once ready undergoes testing by our web designer for bug detection, functionalityand its appearance to the users.

6. User acceptance:- With the successful completion of the project we go live and provide full support after the work release.An FTP programme is used to upload the website to the server.

7. Maintainance:- soft offers an AMC( Annual Maintainance Package) for their clients if any complications arises after the project release phase.

Outsource your projects to expertise team of Comangsoft Human resource for a smooth B2B functioning.

1. Design and develop software/website with our experts.

2. Hire .Net/PHP/Magento/WordPress developers to serve your choice.

3. Hire Expert SEO Content Writer to serve your purpose

4. Hire IOS/Android App developers

5. Hire Expert photoshop/HTML/ Logo & Graphics Designer